From working for Corporations for years, I have a solution here.

See, Companies have moved from employees getting offices to everyone sitting side by side in one big room. In fact, they do their best to cram as many people in. And I do understand the original thinking here. Bring people face to face. To encourage people to work together. To increase productivity.

However….what happens is that people get annoyed with each other. Bad feelings, anger, petty bickering. Things like this happen:

Smells: this can be for some who feel that there is no such thing as too much of their favorite scent. Still others feel that the first group should not marinate overnight in their perfume. Also, food smells can be offending too. In the office life, there are those who like to torment. And this means that if there is a smell you don’t like or makes you nauseous, they will do their best to surround you with it. And then laugh.

Sounds: some people need to be able to concentrate. While others will sing, dance, clap hands, snap their fingers, yell out to call attention to themselves. Even if you use headphones, you can hear these people over the headphones.  Others need interactions with people, they need to sing and dance around. It helps them focus.

With all this assault of sight, sounds and can actually slow productivity. 

People need a place to just go. To do what they have to do to focus and work.

What I’m really saying is…where’s my damn office?!?!

– The Head Ducky