A quickie…

This is what I’m calling a quickie, just some random stuff I’ve thought about. So quickie.. it’s not what you are thinking. But you have a dirty mind and I respect that!

If you are looking for a job, you know what I’m talking about. See, these days companies post jobs by giving you every detail..save one. A rather important one at that. They won’t tell you how much the position pays. They may ask you to provide how much you’d like to be paid for that job. Then they will decide if they want to hire you for that amount. Or just pass on you for another person. A cheaper person. Now this is bad enough if you are staying in the same city. However, if you are wanting move to another city or State.. then you will never have any idea whether or not you can live off that salary. All I can say is This Sucks, Y’all!! Companies today have a tendency to not treat employees as well as they should. And can not be very loyal to them. They force this to be one sided. I wonder if there is a way to lead a sort of revolt against the system. But does that mean we’d all be called ‘Revolting’? hmm..

On a different note, I came across this posting on the editorial page in my local newspaper. This guy sent this in and it was posted among the complaints of traffic, bad treatment, politicians, etc..

He said “I’ve taught my Wife to flush 2 to 3 times each time, or be prepared to call a plumber.”

What??? Just what the fuck are they doing in there that they’d need to flush that much?!?!?! Central Texas has water problems.. maybe if this guy wasn’t flushing so much, all the water wouldn’t be being flushed out his porcelain reading chair.

Okay, so.. maybe this post wasn’t so quick.

So… no judgement and please don’t send me links to a dictionary result of what ‘Quick’ means.

Sorry…but not really. ;D

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