Maybe it’s medical?!

Hi kids, it’s me. I wanted to spend time here discussing my thoughts on the ‘E’ word. No, not that one! Oh my god! Why would you even think that? Guys, you just made this weird and creepy.

Anyway, I was referring to ‘Exercise’. Yes, even the word can make people cringe. And I am including myself in that ‘people’. Once, years ago, I was asked the following when a I was trying to join a gym:

“You know that feeling of energy and exhilaration you get when you exercise?” And I said “No”. She looked really disappointed and confused. I wasn’t trying to be rude or a smart ass, I just genuinely have never felt those things during exercise. In fact it’s kind of the opposite of those things.

Many people may consider me lazy. I don’t exercise. I’ve tried, off and on. But I don’t like the feelings it gives me. As a small child, I was scrawny. Until I started into puberty. The weight started on and kept staying on. Oh I played outside with friends, sure. But I kept gaining weight. And I’ve been fighting it ever since.

The feelings exercise gives me is…swollen. I feel like my hands don’t close properly because of swelling. There is a quick and total loss of energy. Moments after I start, I can actually feel this total drain that leaves me feeling like I’m dragging a huge weight. And after I have forced myself to do this, all I want to do is curl up in a ball and hide. (after I shower, of course)

I briefly had a personal trainer and he suggested protein. Before the work out to give me energy and afterwards to help keep me from being sore. It did not do either. I could not keep up the energy levels and I was still sore after.

Now, I know you must be thinking “Duckie, it’s because you are so large that you lack energy. That is why you feel the drain.” Well that is where I would disagree with you. Remember be telling you I was a scrawny child?! Well even then I felt that drain on my energy. I would start to run off with my friends and suddenly…the drain.

So I was thinking that maybe it’s medical. I know exercise releases chemicals or enzymes in your body/brain. But what if it’s not releasing in me? Or maybe just not enough is being released? Maybe then it would make sense. Why it energizes some people but not me.

Now what if I’m not the only one out there. What if the people that are considered just lazy, actually have a medical condition where the appropriate chemicals or enzymes are lacking..or not present at all?! Would there be a way to test this? Would there be a way to treat this? (yes, I do take vitamins..including the B ones)

Maybe, your head Duckie is not lazy. Perhaps, just perhaps… she needs medical care.

What do you think?

-The Head Duckie

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