Can someone get me..

For the past month, I have had to go to a Laundromat for wash day. This is due to an issue with the washing machine deciding it wanted to become a waterfall and spilling vast amounts of water out… flooding the house.

Now.. in the best of situations, I am not good at peopling. I just get sooo uncomfortable with large amounts of *people! So going some place where.. none of us really want to be is adding to that. But I must have clean clothes! (no one wants this to plod about naked! )

I have seen a few things at the ‘mat that would normally make me want to run away. But last Sunday, there was a man that came in with his family. He’s one of those that just can’t seem to sit quietly.. always having to make some sort of noise. Be it signing, whistling, etc.

He also came in with quiet an impressive cough. And he never covered his mouth. Now I admit that I am something of a germphobe. I can’t even imagine what all people walk around with. (Yes, I include myself in this.) But when you are so blatant about spreading illness.. that is where I draw the line. I am not quite sure why he felt he had to be there. With the Wife and kids all there.. they could have handle the laundry themselves.

But I have noticed this at work too. I am surrounded by 4 people who hack and cough and.. don’t try to prevent themselves from spreading this.

Now all this leaves me with this…

Can someone get me Hazmat suit??

– The Head Duckie

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