Silent Night

Hello again,

I know, I know. It’s been about a month since my last post. I kinda have been struggling a bit since the my dog’s death.

I thought that as this is Christmas and everyone must be busy, I would just post a few musings, some tidbits…you know…mind dribbles.

As the new year is almost upon us, that means all the annual events are flying at us at break-neck speed. For example, it will soon be time for South by Southwest (SXSW) again. For those who have been here before and may not noticed it, or those who will be here for the firs time..allow me to offer this bit of assistance. About half of all Austin drivers do not use their turn signals. It’s as if it’s some strange religion that they refuse to believe in. And of those who do use the signals, half of them forget to turn the signals off. Once on, why not just leave it there… eventually you will be turning that direction again. You are just prepared for the next time! So in short…you can’t really believe what people are going to do in their cars. Signal on or off, surprise!! They may just do the opposite! (uhmmmmmm……Yay?!)

Just for clarification here… Austin is not just Hipsters. Yes, there are Hipsters here. But there are also Yuppies, Hippies, Nerds, etc.. We are made up of all types. It’s what helps make us such a truly weird place. For those who doubt our weirdness, please to enjoy one of our unique ways here. While most race cars, dogs, people and horses…we race Ducks. Oh, not real ducks. And no, not radio-controlled ones. The little yellow, rubber bath duckies! Yup! We race bath duckies. See, you pay a fee..get your numbered duckie. They place them all in a netted holding area on Town Lake (now Lady Bird Lake). Then, at the race’s start.. they lift the net and all the ducks float down the lake!

Hey! It’s for charity! We just like to add our own flare to charity fund raising! (told ya we were weird!)

For those who are struggling at the close of this year (or the begining of the new year), please remember to get help. I think I will be doing just that. I have suspected for some time that I have needed …some support. Something. I just have not known how to start. I have asked some on Twitter that I know have gotten assistance. I just have concerns. I know that these are stupid worries. I worry that I will get in and the Doctor will just tell me that I am being a whiny baby. To just get over myself. I worry that my health insurance won’t cover this and that I can’t afford it. Or even worse, that I’ll get there and they will tell me that I need to be locked away! I need to just do this. I know from what others have said, that if the first one I see doesn’t seem to be a good fit or help.. that I can change Doctors. I won’t be vaporized by a ray gun if I do.

I have to say that I hope anyone out there who needs help will ask for it. Please be braver than I am and just do it! Perhaps.. we can be brave together! And together…we can get through this thing called life.

Hugs to anyone who might actually read this. Happy..what ever you celebrate. Or Happy Thursday.

-The Head Duck!


One thought on “Silent Night

  1. Good for you for even thinking about talking to someone. You may get the whiney baby speech from a general practitioner. I hope you don’t. My advice is to go directly to a mental health specialist if you can. GPs are not mental health specialists. They are for general health so they don’t have the same perspective that a mental health specialist. It’s the someone with a hammer, everything is a nail idea.
    You might consider finding a pet loss support group too. In a group like that, you will be surrounded by people who are grieving their pets. As you know, some people genuinely don’t understand grief over a pet. A support group will have people who do understand.
    All of that said, please don’t feel embarrassed or shamed if a mental health professional suggests medication. Mental health problems may not be discernable with a blood test or x-ray, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If you had diabetes, you would take medication and perhaps make some lifestyle changes. Same with mental health. If you need medication and exercise or meditation or journaling, then that’s what you need.
    I wish you success in your journey. You deserve to be healthy and happy.


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