More tidbits

Okay, in a prior post I added a bit about being in town for SXSW. I thought I’d give out some more helpful hints to those coming for this Fest.

There seems to be a common question I see people sending out over the internet sites. I do not recommend asking this question. It’s “What’s the best barbeque in town? And..go!”

This is Texas. This is like asking England which is the best town, Oxford or Cambridge? Or Which Country is better, England or Ireland.

This can cause a wars to erupt. We are a laid back town, but when it comes to the important things, we are very serious. And yes, barbeque is… very… important!

There are so many options in this town for awesome barbeque. There is Salt Lick, Rudy’s, Franklins, Stubbs, County Line..( I love the sausage from Salt Lick, but the brisket from Franklins…Mmmmmm) and so many lessor known places. I recommend the following, it will save lives, save bloodloss and introduce you to some place new!

SXSW is more than just one weekend. It’s several days and chances are you will be in town for the whole thing. Take the time out for one place each day (lunch or dinner, it does not matter for the most part). Try each one. And I think you will find the same thing for you and your friends holds true for what the whole town believes. The best place depends on individual taste.( like this is a such a revelation!) Each of you will have a favorite and it may not be the same one your friends think.

And also try to find time to work in doing the same for some Tex-Mex food. Your favorite may be one of the larger places or a small family place. ( I for one love Garcia’s!) But they are out there!

One more bit of advice, our food here is rich and plentiful. Pace yourself!! It’s really easy to over do it on the food! Trust me, your tummy will be full, happy and thank me for this. (but not actually thanking me, that would be really weird!)

Right.. now that I have been all food-preachy, I will get off the soap-box and leave it over here in this corner. You know, just in case someone else needs it..

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