Stoopid Hooman fears

Under this cup is something horrible. I’m not ready to deal with it but I didn’t want it to crawl under the sofa. Welp!


If you’re wondering what the something is…it’s a scorpion. It was crawling towards where my feet were. It’s like if I step on it, part of it will be on me forever. And it will get me.

#insectfear #sillyhoomanfears

How long until it dies on its own under the cup? #askingfora #whodoIthinkIamkidding #askingforme

I know this isn’t much of a post and one is long overdue, I promise a real one is coming. Until then, thank you for letting me air these weirdo fears.

Now, who will come kill this thing for me? Anyone? Hello? Why are you running away?…

The Head Ducky

(undated:):  After some trial and error (meaning he got out twice), I managed to push a plastic board under the cup and got him to the toilet. I flushed only to find out that the toilet wasn’t flushing! He just kept kinda floating…and swimming, and spinning around..

I buried him under a couple of squares of toilet paper, waited about 10

minutes. Then flushed again. Low … down he went to Davey Jones locker! Or at least the sewage system. Flushed once more, ya know.. just in case. I don’t want a surprise in the morning!

Now that this is over, it has just….made me itchy!! The sight of insects just makes me itchy. Ick and Goodnight Mr. Stingy!


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