Animal rescue..failure…

Okay, we have all read the stories of people rescuing an animal that they’ve seen. (side of the road, parking lots, roaming the neighborhood). 

Since the loss of my dog Moya, I have been rather sensitive on the issue of loose animals. I have seen dogs loose and running around. If they are in front of a house..I just think they belong there but getting some exercise. 

Let me give you a couple of examples of what happens when I try this:

It was around the Holidays last year. I was helping my Parents to go through the Christmas decorations and put some up. I noticed this medium size dog running around the houses. It had a collar and I had never seen this dog before so I tried to get near it. It barked at me and ran a ways a away. Then turned and barked again. I kept trying to get near it and keep it from the road. It ran, turned and barked. This went on for a bit. I finally went back to the decorations. At one point something fell and that dog had been laying at the corner of the house. It jumped up and barked. Then ran off along the ditch toward the road at the back of the house. I never saw the dog again. I don’t know if he made it to the other side road to the wooded area. Or if he circled about along the road to get home. Or if really bad things happened to him. I still worry.

Today, I was on my way to pick up some take away for dinner. On a road with construction, I see a skinny dog on the side..he has a collar. I circle around to go back. When I pull over, he runs off, back through an opening in the fence to a wooded area. He stops, looks at me. I whistle and make smoochy sounds. He run away to the wooded area and disappears. So I try to back up. Car won’t move. It’s stuck in the mud. The driver side is sunk in up to the bumper. I think if I get out and get something under a tire, I can get some traction. As soon as I stepped out, I sank into the mud. I got back in the car. It took a nice guy with a tow strap and a truck to haul my car out. 

Now all I have is a muddied car, mud caked shoes, and car mat ruined. And that poor dog is still out there somewhere.

When it comes to rescue… I am useless.

– The Head Ducky

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