The Clumsy Blonde

Okay, we have all heard the jokes about Blondes. I must admit that, I am one of them. And I will  admit to being rather naive, and absent-minded. But I have recently risen to a whole new, astounding level! (Yay me?!)
It has been quite a while since I did any regular exercise. So I got it into my little blonde heart that I would do a bit of light jogging. Now it’s the middle of summer and it is staggeringly hot outside. It would seem to be a better idea to do this ‘workout’ thing inside.
So I began to walk about then picked up to fake jogging (the ball of my feet didn’t leave the floor) to a light jog.  These things I did at home, at work, at the printer/scanner, in front of the TV. Good on me, eh? Well.. no.
You know how it’s advised that you should not start an exercise routine without first consulting your Doctor? Well, please believe me that this is a really good idea.
In my rush to workout, I somehow managed to fracture two bones in my left foot. (again..Yay me?!)
I mean, how does one even go about doing that? I wasn’t doing the high-jump in the Olympics! But I did manage it. And the Doctor I sent to even used his Dad voice on me. “When you come back to get the boot off your foot, we are going to have a talk about what you can do safely without hurting yourself!”
Yeah, so… please be careful out there. Exercise is dangerous to your health!!
Well.. mine at least.

– The Head Duckie

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