Too long..

Okay, it has been far too long since I’ve posted. I won’t make excuses because of..reasons. So here are some observations from the past few months:

October: Usually Halloween is one of my favorite times. I decorated, planned out what would go where. My usual night is me in the driveway passing out candy. And boy am I in my element! I love to react to the costumes the kids are wearing. Complimenting older ones on something they have on, and talking to the little ones about liking the same superhero.

This year though, I was sick. This was only the second time in about 10 yrs that I was not out there. 

November: Once I got off work the day before Thanksgiving, I headed to my Parents house. I walked in that night and my Mom had the stomach flu. So, it was an unconventional Turkey day. The rest of the family never came over, so eating was my Dad and me. 

December: Before going into Christmas days activities, please allow me to go on a rant here:

When giving gifts, please to follow these guidelines: 

1) give the person something they will like. 

Too often I’ve been given things that the giver wanted. Instead of just buying it for themselves, they give it to someone else. And unless these two people have the exact same taste in everything, the gift will be something they can’t use.

2) While interacting with people though out the year, find out what family and friends like.

3) find out if they already have the item you’re planning on buying. It can be awkward if a person ends up with multiples of the same thing.

4) on all of the above: No matter what you receive, be thankful and gracious. Find a way to use an item you were given. Even if it’s not the way the giver would have thought of.

Okay, all that aside my Christmas Day was really fun. Up late for gift exchanges with the Parents. Later my Sister and her family come over. We exchanged more gifts and ate. Then we played Card Against Humanity. It was my first time playing even though I had the deck for quite some time with out opening it.

This was a highlight!! My Sister would start laughing before even the black card was read out. She kept coughing because she was laughing so hard! And I learned that the rest of my family is as warped and twisted as I am!

I will need the expansion packs!

So this brings me to now. I’ve gone from blonde to hair that is the color of toaster cinnamon. I can only hope to make more changes this next year. Join me, let’s sculpt a new, creative life next year. We can meet back here December 26th and compare notes!

– The Head Duckie

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