What?? Twice in one month?!

Okay, for those who don’t know me… I hate Valentine’s Day. I mean really, really don’t like it. I used to have an anti-Valentine’s Day arm band. It started as a child, in elementary school. When everyone had to hand out Valentine’s Day cards to their classmates. One year, this little girl gave me one that said ‘I hate you’ on it. Things never got any better. In the years following there was a lot of unrequited feelings going on. Into adulthood,  any man I ever dated made sure they had dumped me before Christmas, my birthday and Valentine’s Day.  

So each year, I just can’t bear all those pink and red hearts that are Everywhere! It all just raises my bp, increases my anxiety and makes me all stabby. 

This day has been filled with leftover pizza, horror shows, and a shit ton of laundry. 

Screw you, Valentine’s Day!

Btw: if you were looking for a heartwarming ending that had me finding true love…you came to the wrong blog, my friend.

– The Head Duckie

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