Wow! Has it really been that long since I last posted?? Sheesh! Life does seem to get in the way at times.
It’s insane at what this year has brought. So much death and the political scene makes my head hurt. It has just really sucked hot lava rocks!
Well.. let’s dive into the weirdness called life:

The first and foremost thing that happened that stays on my mind every day is that my Mom died. She died on April 11th of this year. I knew that as she was older that one day she’d be gone. And with her health being on and off..iffy. It was a matter of time. But still, there is no way to prepare yourself. I some how thought that she’d out live us all. She had survived so much.
She lived through strokes, surgeries, a brain aneursym, etc.. it just seemed like she was too stubborn to leave us. Setting aside the sadness and the whole that now exists, there is so much anger within me. Not at her, but at the hospital. I think someone there majorly frakked up.
She went in with vomiting. That was on a Thursday. It moved from that to she had an infection. Then a major infection. Then she didn’t really know what was going on around her. She tried to remove the wires, and ivs. They upped her antibiotics. Next thing we were told that the infection was systemic. That with the emphezema, she only had about a 1/4th of one lung working. Then.. we had to let her go.
What pisses me off is that we did not know she had emphezema. The Doctor said she seems to have had it for a long while. However she had had her lungs/breathing checked many times over the years. Yet no one bothered to mention this??? No. Just… no. I want to know who missed this or didn’t think it was important enough to mention it.
My apologies.. I know this is a bummer of a subject. I will move on..

On a lighter note.. I got a cat! He is a rescue, 8 yrs old and named Fezzik. Yes.. he is named after the character from The Princess Bride. He is a big kitty, very sweet and freakishly strong! He can push open french doors and he stands on his hind legs and tried to turn door knobs!

Let’s see, what else can I bash in here on this post…

Oh yeah! I’m getting some new furniture! Two new sofas! It’s weird when they name furniture. And my new pieces are named after places in Scotland! I ordered the Inverness and the Aberdeen! I was going to get the Glasgow but it won’t fit in the space. So I went with the Inverness. I am not sure why this place has so many city named furniture. But I suppose it’s better to say you just want to snuggle on the Aberdeen than you want to snuggle on the Bob. That might give people the wrong idea about you! ( Person 1: “Hey, what are you going to do this weekend? Party?” Person 2: “Naaaaahh. I’m just gonna snuggle on the Steve and Netfix!” )

Wait.. just to mess with people I think I will re-name the sofas. To Steve and Joe.
(insert evil giggle)
This might be fun…

– The Head Ducky

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