Okay, I know! It’s been a long time since I posted. I started one on NYE.. but I stopped to drink, watch fireworks, then watch a horror film. Sorry.. getting tipsy won out. Plus, I looked at the screen and thought “Whut r werds?”
I did want to pop in and ask Y’all to do me a favor. Please, please, please…. Do not walk around at night, in black clothes.

Seriously, what is wrong with these folks?! Do they have a death wish?! I don’t wish them ill nor am I trying to insult people. But c’mon on!!!!
You go out jogging/walking, to better yourself. To be healthy.. good on you! Well done! Go you! Buy please just have the kindness and good sense to wear light clothes! Put some reflectors on your clothes..carry a flashlight… something!!!
It’s not asking too much to stop making it easy for us drivers to run your ass over!

It just seems like self preservation would kick in and you’d want to be noticed for drivers to avoid you. Now, I know I am not much into exercise. If you ever saw me, you’d say I’m obviously not into any sort of movement. And that I have no place to make a comment. Now, I believe that it’s up to good ol’ Ma Nature in regards to your survival. But I do not have any wish to be arrested for involuntary man-slaughter! Please don’t create the situation that this would happen. I’m not built for prison life. #wimp #coward

In short, please just try to be seen out there. We all love Monty Python’s ‘How not to be seen.’ segment.. but that is not a good guide for night-time jogging. Just wear some ‘loud’ clothes and you will be safe enough. Well… at least from my driving..

– The Head Duckie

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