The road so far….

The road so far:


March 30th, the house flooded. This was due to the washing machine malfunctioning and just pumping out water. I did not know it was doing this until about a half hour later. By then, it was too late and the water was in every room!

We had a company come in the next day to start the process. They ripped up most of the carpet and flooring, set out dryers (27 of them) and several 3ft high humidifiers that pumped out heat. (we had to have the a/c off.) For 7 or 8 days, the house was above 94 degrees and never dropped below 94.5. The last couple of days, Dad and I stayed at a hotel..kitty went to boarding. We went home once the machines were picked up.

For several weeks, nothing happened. They just kept sending people out to re-measure everything.

The Tuesday of the week of the 15th, I left work for a couple of hours. I went to help Dad pick out flooring. We picked out carpet, tile, vinyl and wood.

Then.. nothing until Monday 21st.  We have moved into a hotel (kitty back at boarding) for 2 or 3 weeks. ( or so they tell us)

Since all this, there are things that they boxed up that we can’t find. I’ve tripped on one of the dryers and re-hurt my knees. My travel time got extended a bit more. (I now have to beat trains or get stuck)

As of the 9th or 10th of June, the workers have finished the painting the walls. And the flooring has been going in. They said they will finish the flooring this week 6/11 to 06/17.

They should be able to starting moving the furniture and boxes back 06/18.

We hope to move back in the week of 06/18 to 06/23. And I am hoping to get Kitty out of boarding (aka Kitty Hotel).

Kitty should be really excited… whole new flooring he hasn’t thrown up on!


-The Head Duckie

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