The road so far..

Okay, I believe I told you all that the house had flooded due to the washing machine being an asshole.

Well.. we have finally moved out of the hotel and back in the house. But we are currently living in Box-city! They had packed up everything to move out while the house was being painted and the flooring replaced.

But wait! There is more fun!

On June 21st, I was driving to work in the morning when my car was totaled. There was a big truck in front of me that suddenly changed lanes. A head-on collision happened! There had been a deer running down the road (opposite traffic) and the truck was big enough that I could not see it. When I saw the truck suddenly change lanes.. I said “What the.. “. That was all I could get out before the collision!

So, this year… to recap: My old phone died and I had to get a new one. The house flooded and had to have repairs done (that took from March 30th to the last week in May!), and my car was murdered by a deer.

Hey 2018?? Bite me!


-The Head Duckie

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