Friends.. let’s talk about…

Okay, there is no way to be delicate about this subject. It’s a touchy one that has many people with strongly held beliefs.

What I am talking about is ‘bathroom etiquette’. Yup, poop and pee! There is such a lack of consideration here. I ask you, when you leave the bathroom, should there be paper towels all over the floor? Pee sprinkles on the toilet seat? Poop lines/spots?

NOOOOOOOOOO! And yet, people defend their right to do these things. Sometime, I marvel at the talent of some people on their ability to ‘decorate’ as they do.

I know for the Women’s restroom, many ‘hover and go’. But why? It’s because they don’t want to get anyone else’s waste on them. Try and think on how this happens. It happens when people ‘hover’ (another name for swinging circles above the potty!) and don’t clean up after themselves. Can we say ‘Self fulfilling’? Yup, I knew you could! You are the very cause of what you are trying to avoid!

Folks, if everyone sat down.. this would not be a problem. Remember…your asses are not sacred!

Oh and guys? If your Woman says she doesn’t fart, and she excuses herself to the bathroom a lot, she is farting! Or she has gastric issues. My point is, yes Woman are delicate.. but we are Human. And Humans are weird! Trust me on this. I am a Woman, I use the Women’s restroom. It’s one of the most ‘musical’ places in all the land!

Now, let’s move on to one last little issue. It’s for all us short gals! After you use the sink, please wipe up any spatters/sprinkles/puddles of water. We short gals can’t avoid them. Then we walk out of the restroom looking like we are lactating! (not a professional look for the office!)

In short… please be tidy! Our clothes and hygiene depend on that.

  • The Head Duckie

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