So what gives?

Okay, so what gives on the clothing makers? I’m talking about the sizing. Or the weird produced sizing.

Now, I understand that from one clothing maker to another… sizes can vary. What one considers as a size 12 is different than another.

I have already read that they use people as a sizing guide.  Even though one person in that size is shaped differently than other. This can be a big reason to try stuff on before buying it.

What I don’t understand is why if you buy one item from a label, and buy another in the exact same size (just different color) by the same label, should there be any reason one color will fit lose/snug than the other one.

Yeah, I know… that sentence really went off the rails. But it almost makes sense. If you maybe squint one eye? Or turn your head? No? Hrmmmmm.. let me talk this out then.

I have long been wary of buying certain color shirts. This is because they are smaller than others. For example, white shirts are way smaller than say.. I blue shirt. And it’s the exactly same:



Bought at the same time

So…. why??

I mean, if you can trust the Brand to be consistent within their own product, then why should I trust them to make a good, long lasting item?

And what prevents them from producing the sizing consistently for different colors? It should not be hard.. and yet.. I stay away from white shirts. Okay… I also must admit that I am an expert at spilling things down the front of me. I am so good that I have considered drawing lines around them with a Sharpie and trying to pretend that it’s a design.

“No, I know it looks like pasta sauce and chocolate smudges.. but that I what I believe the designer was going for!”

( : : crickets : : )

“It’s the new ‘Shabby-Chic’??”

( : : silence : : )

Okay.. well…. I will show myself out.. stage right.

But in closing… Hey designers??? Get your crap together! Label the smaller colors and Mini-Me size!

– The Head Duckie


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