Can we talk about something here?

Okay.. I know this might be a ‘hot button’ item but I really feel that I need to say this…

People! Stop with wearing so much perfume/cologne!!! The lightest amount will be fine! Spritz it in the air and walk through the mist. But for the love of all that is good in this world… stop spraying it all over you!!

I do really believe that some people actually marinate in the stuff over night! I can smell them coming and still smell them after they leave.

News Flash! That much smell makes many people nauseous and gives them headaches. Not to mention the people with asthma! They can’t breathe! That means that you are making people sick! And who wants to be around someone that makes people sick?! No one!

It will not leave a good impression to meet someone, and that person has to hold their breath or risk death! We don’t all have gas masks to walk around with in case of emergencies!

“Are you my Mummy?”  (for Doctor Who fans)

If you want to impress or attract a person.. causing them to asphyxiate before you’ve even walked over to them won’t do it.

Less is more, people! Unless it’s chocolate or kittens/puppies. To eat some chocos and then snuggle some kittens or puppies… as much as possible!

-The Head Duckie


2 thoughts on “Marinade

  1. THIS! I cannot STAND tons of scent. I can’t wear it anymore due to asthma and allergies, and it is so frustrating to have to be around people who have splashed around in it.

    I had the big talk with both of my boys. “Son, NO one, and I do mean NO ONE, likes Axe body spray.


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