Wow! Not since Feb?

Okay, I had not realized that so much time had past. I would have done something.. I would have… oh who am I kidding!

Every time I thought of something really good to post, I was away from phone, paper, computer. Then I’d forget it. Then I’d be embarrassed that I forgot what I wanted to write about.

Please tell me I am not the only one that has this bad of a memory! Then tell me I’m cute….give me puppies, and kitties, and yummy foods!

(please do not gruff at my bad grammar!!!)

I wish I could say that I was off living this ultra exciting life. Being a super Spy, fighting space Aliens, winning awards for Art/Film/TV/Music., seeing the World!

But in reality, I’ve been having car troubles. Dealing with work stuff. And binging waaaaaaaaay too much Netflix and Hulu!

(also, my ever present battles with the laundry! ) And if you are one of those sickos that can wash/dry all the laundry and have it all put away in a matter of hours then..

what the hell, Y’all?! You probably have a house that is so clean.. Hazmat people are super impressed with you. Germs quake in your presence… you.. are not human! Not that I’m judging your and your hermetically sealed house! Well, okay.. I guess I am judging a little. But please! How can any house look like someone lives there if it’s so spotless. You probably have all white furnishings and no clutter!! Tragic! You need to slap some color on that house, throw a few papers around, and leave a sock or two on the floor next to the clothes hamper.

I myself wash/dry my clothes, then pile them all on a chair. I can find what I need and Hey! The clothes are next to the closet so… I feel that this is truly close enough.

Wait, how did this become about laundry and house cleaning?!?!? I don’t even remember what I was talking about at the beginning of this post.

All I know is that it’s almost Christmas. I have my shopping done despite all the overtime I’ve worked.

I’m closing this post because I have to go pee. I hope you have a great holiday. If you are into that sort of thing. If not.. have a great Monday!!

– The Head Duckie

A mini post or a postette

Okay, I was tired earlier today. I worked today, went to physical therapy. I washed a load of laundry, dusted and vacuumed.

I went to bed at about 10:30. The bad part is I woke at 12:30am. It’s currently 2:21 am and I have not been back to sleep. I tried! Honestly, I did! But I just can’t get back to sleep. I read for a while, tossed and turned. To no avail.

This has only led me to where I am now. Watching Addams Family tv show on Hulu with a mounting headache! 

Btw: the alarm clock goes off in about 2 hrs!

Work will be fun?!

– The Head Duckie 

Why me?

Why? Why does this type of thing only seem to happen to me? Well, me and people in sitcoms.

I’m having my annual physical for insurance at work. And my Doctor orders a ua. I get my little cup and wipey, head into the bathroom. 

Once there, I see a narrow toilet/seat. With my thighs…not going to be able to position my hand the normal way. So I squat/hover. And pee. I didn’t really have to go so I’m surprised by the amount of pee I actually got. I put the cup in the slot for Lab folks. Then I realize that the excess did not go into the toilet. I was back far enough for it to have gone in. 

Yup, you guessed it. (Can you stop getting ahead of me?!?!) the excess had gone down the back of my pants. Not just a few drops. I could have filled the cup all the way instead of half way.

So here I am, in a a clinic…washing the back of my pants in the sink. Lucky that it’s a one hole-er (as we say in my family). And they do have another bathroom, so I’m not making loads of people wait on me. 

But now I’m faced with another problem. How do I dry my pants? There is no hand dryer. Just paper towels. I think I used half the dispenser to at least get the excess water off my pants. It’s lucky that I’m closer to a side door than the main doors. I won’t have to walk out in front of everyone to leave.

But my question still stands. Why do these sitcom situations happen to me?!?!

So what gives?

Okay, so what gives on the clothing makers? I’m talking about the sizing. Or the weird produced sizing.

Now, I understand that from one clothing maker to another… sizes can vary. What one considers as a size 12 is different than another.

I have already read that they use people as a sizing guide.  Even though one person in that size is shaped differently than other. This can be a big reason to try stuff on before buying it.

What I don’t understand is why if you buy one item from a label, and buy another in the exact same size (just different color) by the same label, should there be any reason one color will fit lose/snug than the other one.

Yeah, I know… that sentence really went off the rails. But it almost makes sense. If you maybe squint one eye? Or turn your head? No? Hrmmmmm.. let me talk this out then.

I have long been wary of buying certain color shirts. This is because they are smaller than others. For example, white shirts are way smaller than say.. I blue shirt. And it’s the exactly same:



Bought at the same time

So…. why??

I mean, if you can trust the Brand to be consistent within their own product, then why should I trust them to make a good, long lasting item?

And what prevents them from producing the sizing consistently for different colors? It should not be hard.. and yet.. I stay away from white shirts. Okay… I also must admit that I am an expert at spilling things down the front of me. I am so good that I have considered drawing lines around them with a Sharpie and trying to pretend that it’s a design.

“No, I know it looks like pasta sauce and chocolate smudges.. but that I what I believe the designer was going for!”

( : : crickets : : )

“It’s the new ‘Shabby-Chic’??”

( : : silence : : )

Okay.. well…. I will show myself out.. stage right.

But in closing… Hey designers??? Get your crap together! Label the smaller colors and Mini-Me size!

– The Head Duckie


What was my point again?

For anyone that knows me, they know I hate Valentine’s Day. Yes.. I am one of those sad-sack singles out there. But this is not why I hate Valentine’s day. (okay.. it’s part of the reason). My dislike of the day began back in Elementary school. Back then, you had to give a Valentine to everyone in your class. And this would include people who didn’t get along. So, in 3rd or 4th grade, I received a Valentine from a little girl who did not like me. I know this because she wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day, I hate you.” Thing never got any better from there.

Another reason is all the pink and red crap. Sheesh! It’s as if Pepto Bismal and Blood have been sprayed liberally around every place on the Planet! Enough!!! And all those hearts.. that’s not even the real shape of a heart! But I suppose no one would feel like eating candy if they used a realistic heart. Unless you’re a cannibal. Or.. a Zombie. Do Zombies like to eat hearts? If they did, they could be like “Eat your heart out Bob! Oh wait!.. I’m eating it instead! For real! Hahahahaha.. poor Bob!”

But I digress. Or was that the point I was making.. realistic looking hearts are gross and would make you spew your chocolate??

Wait.. hmmm… no..

Ah! I got it. So all those pink/red heart shapes out there…everywhere.. solid ones. Lacy ones…etc… It’s annoying. And they start making an appearance in shops, oh.. about a week or two before Christmas! It sucks! Hey people of the world!! Too many lacy hearts are depressing! And ugly!

With all that red and pink… visiting Aliens will think that we have been running around, savagely ripping out internal organs. And leaving blood and gore covering everything. Ooo, but now that I think of it… they won’t wanna mess with us! They will be flying along… stop in to see the ape planet. Then seeing all that red and pink.. fly away in terror! One Alien will say to the other “Holy crap, Blerb!! Did you see that horror show of a Planet down there?? What the hell happened with those ape people??”  And Blerb will say “I know, Cleep! Those ape people are bat-shit crazy! We need to go warn our peeps! We…are..outta here!”

And then Blerb and Cleep will hit the hyper-light drive pedals in complete fear!

So, maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t too bad. It will keep us from being invaded by Aliens!

Or was that Zombies!? Or both?! I need some chocolate and think this over.

So… was eating Chocolate my point? I don’t remember. But now I want Chocolate….


Okay, I know! It’s been a long time since I posted. I started one on NYE.. but I stopped to drink, watch fireworks, then watch a horror film. Sorry.. getting tipsy won out. Plus, I looked at the screen and thought “Whut r werds?”
I did want to pop in and ask Y’all to do me a favor. Please, please, please…. Do not walk around at night, in black clothes.

Seriously, what is wrong with these folks?! Do they have a death wish?! I don’t wish them ill nor am I trying to insult people. But c’mon on!!!!
You go out jogging/walking, to better yourself. To be healthy.. good on you! Well done! Go you! Buy please just have the kindness and good sense to wear light clothes! Put some reflectors on your clothes..carry a flashlight… something!!!
It’s not asking too much to stop making it easy for us drivers to run your ass over!

It just seems like self preservation would kick in and you’d want to be noticed for drivers to avoid you. Now, I know I am not much into exercise. If you ever saw me, you’d say I’m obviously not into any sort of movement. And that I have no place to make a comment. Now, I believe that it’s up to good ol’ Ma Nature in regards to your survival. But I do not have any wish to be arrested for involuntary man-slaughter! Please don’t create the situation that this would happen. I’m not built for prison life. #wimp #coward

In short, please just try to be seen out there. We all love Monty Python’s ‘How not to be seen.’ segment.. but that is not a good guide for night-time jogging. Just wear some ‘loud’ clothes and you will be safe enough. Well… at least from my driving..

– The Head Duckie

Hey Corporate America!

From working for Corporations for years, I have a solution here.

See, Companies have moved from employees getting offices to everyone sitting side by side in one big room. In fact, they do their best to cram as many people in. And I do understand the original thinking here. Bring people face to face. To encourage people to work together. To increase productivity.

However….what happens is that people get annoyed with each other. Bad feelings, anger, petty bickering. Things like this happen:

Smells: this can be for some who feel that there is no such thing as too much of their favorite scent. Still others feel that the first group should not marinate overnight in their perfume. Also, food smells can be offending too. In the office life, there are those who like to torment. And this means that if there is a smell you don’t like or makes you nauseous, they will do their best to surround you with it. And then laugh.

Sounds: some people need to be able to concentrate. While others will sing, dance, clap hands, snap their fingers, yell out to call attention to themselves. Even if you use headphones, you can hear these people over the headphones.  Others need interactions with people, they need to sing and dance around. It helps them focus.

With all this assault of sight, sounds and can actually slow productivity. 

People need a place to just go. To do what they have to do to focus and work.

What I’m really saying is…where’s my damn office?!?!

– The Head Ducky 


Wow! Has it really been that long since I last posted?? Sheesh! Life does seem to get in the way at times.
It’s insane at what this year has brought. So much death and the political scene makes my head hurt. It has just really sucked hot lava rocks!
Well.. let’s dive into the weirdness called life:

The first and foremost thing that happened that stays on my mind every day is that my Mom died. She died on April 11th of this year. I knew that as she was older that one day she’d be gone. And with her health being on and off..iffy. It was a matter of time. But still, there is no way to prepare yourself. I some how thought that she’d out live us all. She had survived so much.
She lived through strokes, surgeries, a brain aneursym, etc.. it just seemed like she was too stubborn to leave us. Setting aside the sadness and the whole that now exists, there is so much anger within me. Not at her, but at the hospital. I think someone there majorly frakked up.
She went in with vomiting. That was on a Thursday. It moved from that to she had an infection. Then a major infection. Then she didn’t really know what was going on around her. She tried to remove the wires, and ivs. They upped her antibiotics. Next thing we were told that the infection was systemic. That with the emphezema, she only had about a 1/4th of one lung working. Then.. we had to let her go.
What pisses me off is that we did not know she had emphezema. The Doctor said she seems to have had it for a long while. However she had had her lungs/breathing checked many times over the years. Yet no one bothered to mention this??? No. Just… no. I want to know who missed this or didn’t think it was important enough to mention it.
My apologies.. I know this is a bummer of a subject. I will move on..

On a lighter note.. I got a cat! He is a rescue, 8 yrs old and named Fezzik. Yes.. he is named after the character from The Princess Bride. He is a big kitty, very sweet and freakishly strong! He can push open french doors and he stands on his hind legs and tried to turn door knobs!

Let’s see, what else can I bash in here on this post…

Oh yeah! I’m getting some new furniture! Two new sofas! It’s weird when they name furniture. And my new pieces are named after places in Scotland! I ordered the Inverness and the Aberdeen! I was going to get the Glasgow but it won’t fit in the space. So I went with the Inverness. I am not sure why this place has so many city named furniture. But I suppose it’s better to say you just want to snuggle on the Aberdeen than you want to snuggle on the Bob. That might give people the wrong idea about you! ( Person 1: “Hey, what are you going to do this weekend? Party?” Person 2: “Naaaaahh. I’m just gonna snuggle on the Steve and Netfix!” )

Wait.. just to mess with people I think I will re-name the sofas. To Steve and Joe.
(insert evil giggle)
This might be fun…

– The Head Ducky

What?? Twice in one month?!

Okay, for those who don’t know me… I hate Valentine’s Day. I mean really, really don’t like it. I used to have an anti-Valentine’s Day arm band. It started as a child, in elementary school. When everyone had to hand out Valentine’s Day cards to their classmates. One year, this little girl gave me one that said ‘I hate you’ on it. Things never got any better. In the years following there was a lot of unrequited feelings going on. Into adulthood,  any man I ever dated made sure they had dumped me before Christmas, my birthday and Valentine’s Day.  

So each year, I just can’t bear all those pink and red hearts that are Everywhere! It all just raises my bp, increases my anxiety and makes me all stabby. 

This day has been filled with leftover pizza, horror shows, and a shit ton of laundry. 

Screw you, Valentine’s Day!

Btw: if you were looking for a heartwarming ending that had me finding true love…you came to the wrong blog, my friend.

– The Head Duckie

Something different..

Okay, I am going to post something different here. This is the first time I have finished something like this and I have surprised myself in that. So, here I am…cup of coffee at the ready and the movie Serinity playing in the background:

She didn’t notice at first. She rarely looked out her windows. She’d only have to look out the window at the right time to have known. See, she didn’t leave the house. Why should she? In this day and age, you can have everything delivered. Groceries, medicines, alcohol. Something breaks, call a repair service technician. There are even services that allow for a Doctor consult over the internet. Why leave your home?

She and others like her have that inner voice. The one that tells you to stay in. Too many crowds out there. Parking is an endless amount of going round and round looking for a spot. Too dangerous to walk to and from the car. You could be mugged, beaten, assaulted. No..much safer to stay home. And you’ll never have to worry about being too hot, cold, wet, dry. Home, you never need to leave.

She might look out her windows once a week. Hard to see the changes. Less and less people out and about. Just a bit more trash out on the streets. ‘Now why hasn’t the home owners association done something about this yet!? I’ll have to send them an e-mail.’ she thought. In fact, you wouldn’t notice anything different…..until the utilities stopped working.

For those with agoraphobia, severe anxiety, depression..the kind that leaves you housebound, the sounds of the outside world would only increase the fear of leaving. Fear from the sounds of accidents, fires, groups pounding on a neighbor’s door. She also wouldn’t know not the let the sounds of her day to day life carry outside her walls. Would the sound of her washing machine or dish washer attract attention? Her bedroom and family room were interior, sounds of her TV streaming programs would not be heard. If this had been heard or if she had gone outside, she’d have known to be very frightened. That any device of hers could lead to her being discovered. She was only annoyed when the trash wasn’t picked up. She had a standing agreement with her neighbors. She would fill up her trash bin, open the garage door, roll it just outside. Then sometime after she had closed the garage door, they would roll it to the curb. But even being that close to going outside caused her to have to go lay down. It was too close to being ‘unsafe’.

When the electricity went out and the water turned off, that caught her attention, for others this would be an inconvenience. But she needed everything to work for her to survive. She didn’t have the luxury of inconvenience. She was momentarily caught off guard by this. She angrily picked up he phone to call customer service, only to find the phones didn’t work. She dialed on her cell phone, but no answer. Or a busy signal. But soon her cell didn’t work either. ‘What was happening?’ she thought. She dug around in the garage for her old radio/cassette player. Then it took her another 4 hours to find some batteries for it. “Wow, this is old school.” she smiled as she said this. She searched the stations on the radio for one broadcasting.  Mostly there was static, few sending out the Emergency broadcast signal. And that was just telling people to stay indoors. Well that wasn’t helpful, she was always indoors. Maybe there would be further updates later. It was time to go really old school. She lit some candles and grabbed a book. There were so many that had built up over months and it looks like now there was some time to get reading.

She didn’t use her MP3 player, she just felt she should save it for another time. She cooked and ate the meats, vegetables and fruits first. She had packed them in the freezer figuring they would last longer with the ice. She’d leave the canned and dry goods for later. After all, she didn’t know how long this ‘Emergency ‘ would go on. Agoraphobia is a funny thing. You spend such a large amount of time away from people. It allows you to become accustomed to solitude. With this, you never notice a loss of people around you. Especially a slow loss. ‘Inside life’ almost prepares you for a new different kind of life. While solitude and quiet makes most people jumpy and afraid, people with a mental illness are more accustomed to it. Sometimes a chat with one or two people is okay. But large groups…terror!

After about a week and half, she used her MP3 player. But it stopped working when the charge ran out. Before her cell stopped, she tried to call to have groceries delivered. But the phone died while listening to a recording saying all the lines are down. So, without her delivery, she would run out of food very quickly. Even rationing would not last her long. She felt a growing sense of dread and nausea just thinking about having to leave the house for food. This brought on one of her panic attacks. As she laid down, her chest tightened, her breathing became rapid and her heartbeat increased. Deep down she knew that soon she would not have a choice. She would have to go look for food and water. If anything, she would finally find out what was going on. That day came all too soon.

When that day came, she opened her front door and just stood there trying to prepare herself to cross the threshold. ‘Deep breaths..’ she thought. She closed her eyes trying to build up the courage to walk out the door. One foot in front of the other is how she shakily walked out, down the steps and out to the front yard. She stopped for a moment as she got dizzy. The world around her swam in and out of focus. She squated, tucking her head down for a moment. Forcing her vision to focus. She stood up, taking a look around her. The neighborhood was so quiet. So deserted. But it was during the day so people were probably just at work, the kids at school. Still.. no dogs barking, no birds singing…nothing. Quiet is nice, but this was disturbing. She walked slowly to the sidewalk. She looked to the right. “Jesus!” she exclaimed. About two houses down,  in the middle of the street, there were cars smashed together. Another had been driven into one of the houses. ‘What the hell…’ she thought. What ever it was that caused this must have happened some time ago. No smoke from the cars but they looked burned. Also no people milling about. Where were the cops? It’s like it happened and everyone instantly vanished. Why didn’t a tow truck or truck with a flatbed come and haul away the wreckage? This was by far the strangest thing since all this started. Now, with more fear and panic, she turned to look to the opposite direction. Not knowing what would be there. And….nothing. At first. Then she saw old Mrs. Tinsley shuffling down the road about 4 houses down. Geez, the Woman never walked that well to begin with, but now she really seems to be having issues. ‘Maybe she was injured in that car accident. Yeah, and no one took her to the hospital!? Sure, that happens!’ She starts walking after her, thinking ‘maybe I can help, not sure what I can do for Mrs. Tinsley, but I can’t just leave her there alone.’ She quickens her pace to catch up to Mrs. Tinsley. She calls out “Mrs. Tinsley? Are you okay? Do you need some help?” The old lady stops and stands there for a moment. ‘I think I confused her. Poor thing.’ That was when Mrs. Tinsley turned towards her. “Oh God! Oh Jesus! What happened to you?” she screamed. There were deep gashes, blood and bone sticking out from her face. And Mrs. Tinsley’s skin was mottled in color, hanging off in places. But it made no sense, how was still moving if she was rotting? She skidded to a halt steps away from the old lady thing. She backward ran away as the old lady gnash her teeth and reached out for her. When she turned to run forward, she still had her head around to look over her shoulder. Looking at that nightmare old woman staggering towards her. She got about half a block when it happened. She was so focused on getting away from Mrs. Tinsley, that she never saw the others. So she ran right into a crowd of about 10 of them. They had heard her scream and came to the street towards the sound. When she collided with a couple of them, they tumbled to the ground. She was surrounded and it only took a couple of ticks of a clock for her to realize it. She managed to get to her feet, screaming as they grabbed at her. Trying to hold her, trying to bite her. Her mind was reeling as she struggled to break free. She was almost free of them when one of them grabbed her harder than she thought possible. It jerked her back to them, she then heard screams that she didn’t think could have come out of them. She was right. It was her screams as they ate her.

Society today is almost geared for those with anxiety, fear and agoraphobia. But will they be better able to cope with an apocalypse or will they be least able to survive?


Please disregard any typos, grammatical errors. It’s 2 am.